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Pro Tip 1

Have a master plan.

Work with your photographer to plan your session.  Your photographer should invite you to a consultation to discuss how and where you would like to be photographed.  By having a plan you'll be able to make the most out of your session time and you and your photographer will not be wasting precious shooting time trying to figure it out on the day of your session.

During Reganne's consultation we learned that she is a competitive dancer.   We incorporated her love for dancing in a unique New Orleans portrait.

Pro Tip 2



Know before you go! 

Location is key to many great portraits but did you know that some locations, such as Jackson Square, require a photography permit while others, such as rail road tracks, are a federal offence and punishable by law.  Your photographer should be able to tell you which locations require a photography permit and which ones are illegal.  Hannah wanted to take advantage of Jackson Square in her dream portrait.  We were able to satisfy her wish while staying out of Jackson Square and we were able to avoid the photography fee the area requires . 

Pro Tip 3

Be selective about who you want to bring with you on your session. 

Make sure to include a parent/guardian (in fact, we insist on it).  Having an extra set of hands to help with outfit changes is a huge key to the success of your day.  Because we provide our senior's with a changing tent so they can change anywhere, at any time, it's not uncommon for them to have multiple outfit changes at one location.  The last thing you want is to be responsible for carrying around all of your outfits.  Trust me, you're going to be grateful to have a parent/guardian available to help carry those things for you.  Plus it's fun for your parent(s)/guardian to watch the process from behind the scenes.  When it comes to your siblings, we recommend finding a sitter for them for the day.  If you invite a friend make sure it's a friend that knows this is your day and it's a friend that makes you feel good about yourself.  Leave your boyfriend/girlfriend home for the day.  We don't want you to be distracted with their cuteness :)  and besides, this day is all about you! 

Leanne's Dad was a trouper when it came to helping make sure that her jewelry was ready to go when she changed outfits.

Leanne's Dad was a trouper when it came to helping make sure that her jewelry was ready to go when she changed outfits.

Pro Tip 4

Try it on before you bring it with you

Believe it or not, although you're a senior in high school you can still hit growing spurts.  The only way to guarantee that your clothes are going to fit you properly for your session and to make sure you're styled is to try them on.  And while you have those skinny jeans on, do a squat, sit on the floor, bend over, etc.  It's likely that your photographer will ask you to do all of those things so you want to make sure you can move in those jeans.  When you try on your outfits be sure to wear the undergarments you plan to plan to wear on the day of your session.  Many photographers will charge to photoshop out your bra straps! If you’re buying new garments go ahead and remove those tags prior to your session.  We recently had a park ranger complain to us about the clothing tags he finds in the park restroom.  We were grateful (and proud) that it wasn't one of our clients.  

I love the angles in this portrait of McKenzie, which was easy to pull off thanks to her perfect styling.

I love the angles in this portrait of McKenzie, which was easy to pull off thanks to her perfect styling.

Pro Tip 5

Organize your outfits with their accessories.

Deciding ahead of time what accessories and shoes go with your outfits and which locations you're going to wear those outfits at helps your session run smoothly.  Place your accessories in ziplock bags and write on the outside of each bag which outfit the accessories went with.  Doing so will insure your session time is used wisely and save you a tons of stress. 

Kimmy's session included four locations in 2 hours plus her cap and gown session.  From hair to clothing to accessories, each look was different.  Our consultation and Kimmy's organization guaranteed her session was flawless.

Pro Tip 6

Hire a pro.

Have your hair and makeup professionally done, especially if you are not familiar with makeup.  A good makeup artist will know what photographs best and what will last all day. Some makeup can slide/shift on your face or cause flashback (a ghostly look that isn’t flattering). Here at Linda March Photogrpahy/ Studio 61 we have an in studio stylist that can be hired the day of your session to do your hair and makeup. Our stylist also stays with us during your session to assure you’re looking 100% your best!

Alexis opted to have Kara (our in studio stylist) complete a hair and makeup look customized to her session.  The end results were beautiful.

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Pro Tip 7

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Grooming Basics

The night before your session it’s always a good idea to make sure your nails (finger and toes) are clean and/or painted, whiten your teeth, groom your eyebrows, shave your legs,  arms, armpits, etc., and most importantly get lots of sleep!  Like we mentioned earlier, you never know what poses your photographer will use so be sure to look your best.

Ashleigh is gorgeous in this pose that shows her hands.  Chipped nail polish would have ruined this look.  

Pro Tip 8

Avoid getting hangry.

When packing for you session, be sure to pack snacks and most importantly drinks. Being a model for the day can get exhausting and tiring so bring snack that will help keep your energy up and drinks that will keep you hydrated. 

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No one likes a picture of someone eating so we thought we'd share this picture of Clay and his hound, Hank.

Pro Tip 9

 What do you want to walk away with at the end of the day?

This is probably the hardest question for some of our clients.  They know they want to be photographed but they don't know how they want to use their portraits.  And they're overwhelmed with options.  At Linda March Photography Studio 61 we show you your portraits, help you narrow down your favorite poses and then help you make the best purchasing decision that makes since for your goals.  Using state of the art technology we can show you your portrait(s) hanging in your home before you make a purchasing decision so you'll know exactly what you're purchasing.  In other words, we take out the guess work for you. 

myaziah room.jpg

Pictured above is a living room sample with a few of Myaziah's favorite poses beautifully displayed together.

Pro Tip 10

Relax.  Have fun.  Let loose and don't worry about what to do with your hands.   

Seriously, don't stress out the day of  your session.  Thanks to all of the planning and organizing you and your photographer have done, your session will go smoothly.  All you have to do is show up and have fun.  Your photographer will do the rest.  

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I hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Pro Tips.  And I hope your mind is swooning with inspiration for your senior portraits.  Since sharing these tips with our Seniors we've learned that they've truly enjoyed their senior portrait experience, as they should.  

If you haven't decided on your senior portrait photographer and would like to schedule a free consultation, please let us know by clicking here.