Oh Baby...

Congratulations on the sweetest, most lovable new addition your family could ever welcome, your Baby.  Let's face it, your Baby is going to grow quickly and those little wrinkles will begin to disappear before you know it.  And you're going to want the absolute best portraits to remember every little expression, every little wrinkle, those beautiful shaped lips, that perfect chin and those beautiful eyes.  As a mother of 3, I understand.  Below are some helpful tips designed to help you plan your newborn's portrait session so together we can create a beautiful portrait series that will showcase all of these wonderful attributes of your Baby.


Scheduling Baby's Session

Newborn portraits are best within the first 10 days of your Newborn's birth.  Scheduling a portrait session may be the last thing on your mind in between feedings, snuggle time and naps.  With this in mind, schedule your Newborn portrait session before your baby arrives for a date after your due date.  We'll work with you to create a portrait schedule that will work around your due date and allow you time to get get some rest after being released from the hospital.

Your Consultation

Your consultation is a very important part of your portrait newborn's portrait experience.  Together we are going to style your Newborn session, including choosing props and colors that best suit your taste.  We're also going to ways you can display your Baby's first portraits.      



Your Newborn's Session

Your Newborn's session will last a few hours.  With this in mind, be sure to plan for nursing time, nap time, fussing time and diaper changes.  It's ok.  We're not in a rush.  When we schedule your Newborn's portrait session we clear our calendar for the day so we don't have to rush and neither do you.