Directions Please...

Originally published June 18, 2012

I've been blessed with the opportunity to do many exciting things and I'm excited to admit, I'm not done yet! I could create a list, but my intention is not to brag. Rather, it's to announce to the world that Linda March Photography is officially on Google Blogger. Ahhh... the sigh of the relief. Not really.

Can I take the time to share something personal with you? As owner of this company, I don't know what the heck I'm doing on Blogger! I thought it was going to be simple. Click a few buttons, type a few lines and hit enter. But no! For some reason, I'm having a tuff time grasping Blogger's terminology and their template set up. For instance, what am I suppose to do with a toolbar that says "Classic, Mosaic, Magazine" etc...? Which brings me to my next admittance, I am horrible at reading directions. I don't mind stopping to ask for help when I'm out on the road in an unfamiliar city but navigating the highways of the web is cruel. Who do you ask for help? It's as if Google search is the gas station that I wearily pull into it, run inside and blurt out for everyone to hear "Can someone help me? I'm lost" and suddenly there are over a million responses and I have to listen to (rather read) each response until I find someone who understood where I wanted to go and can provided the quickest, easiest route.

So, I get back in the car (in this case, get my coffee and nestle my bottom back into my computer chair), get back on the road again (fingers on the keyboard ready to type), create a few lines of writing/road rage, look to my left and then to my right and see the big eyes of my Australian Sheppard staring up at me to let me know it's time to pull over for a potty break.

Sometimes you can't help but ask "Are we there yet?"