While YouTube was down we have a 100 year guarantee.

Last night I received an unexpected message: YouTube is experiencing an outage. Worldwide.


How can one of the largest platforms on the internet suddenly just go down? And why?

I’ll be honest, I’m not smart enough to know the answers to those questions but I had a bigger question on my mind:

What is going to happen to my YouTube videos?

As I pondered this questions I was reminded of how helpless I was. And then I thought of the YouTubers who rely on their content as a source of income. And the families who rely on YouTube as a way to document their lives. This couldn’t be good.

And here is why:

The digital platforms that people rely on to store their media are inadequate at best. They are temporary, becoming obsolete as technology evolves. Requiring never ending conversion from one platform to the next.

While this blog has focused mostly on videos, the same is true for portraits.

There are two popular methods of delivering digital images: Over the internet through email, Dropbox or another sharing platform or on a flash drive. Internet sharing has it’s pro’s. The consumer can store their images on their hard drive and easily access them from their phone. The cons are obvious. They can be deleted by mistake or your system can crash. Both resulting in your images being gone. Forever. Flash drives also come with a list of pros and cons. They are easily stored in a drawer and you can take it with you where ever you want. However, flash drives are intended to transfer media. They were never designed to store your media. They have a short life span (10 years at best). Why would you want to keep your family’s precious memories on a drive that will only be available for 10 years?

“I back up all of my files to a cloud server” is the most popular defense I hear when talking about digital storage of portraits. And you should. But let me ask you this, Where is your cloud server? Is it a place you can go to? How do you know the company you are using is going to be around forever? And how do you know your children are going to be able to find the precious memories you’ve stored for them for all those years? Are they really going to want to sift through all those files that look like a series of letters and numbers to find their baby pictures? The answer is, more than likely, No.

That is why I am a huge advocate on printing what you love. You can hold a family portrait in your hands. You can touch it. The emotional value is irreplaceable and indescribable. Our labs print your portraits with such a high quality process that your portraits, if taken care of, have a lifespan of over 100 years. Let me say that again. Over 100 years. That means your portraits will be passed down from generation to generation. And no one has to search through media files randomly named to find them.

If you love it, please do your family a favor and have it printed. Find a reputable lab. If you don’t know one, contact me for recommendations. Your family will thank you for it.

P.S. - I checked my YouTube channel. My videos are there. Let’s hope they stay there!