Alexis Senior Portraits c/o 2018

When Alexis came to the studio to discuss her senior portraits she wasn’t sure what type of session would fit her needs best. During her consultation we asked a series of questions and found the our ‘your STORY’ session would be the perfect fit. Here are a few highlights from her session.

While YouTube was down we have a 100 year guarantee.

“I back up all of my files to a cloud server” is the most popular defense I hear when talking about digital storage of portraits. And you should. But let me ask you this, Where is your cloud server? Is it a place you can go to? How do you know the company you are using is going to be around forever? And how do you know your children are going to be able to find the precious memories you’ve stored for them for all those years? Are they really going to want to sift through all those files that look like a series of letters and numbers to find their baby pictures? The answer is, more than likely, No.

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How Thinking Outside The Box Created A Dynamic Senior Portrait

It has begun. Well, at least for Hannah it has. Hannah’s senior year has officially begun. And because Hannah is my youngest daughter, we’re able to create her senior portraits in a series of small sessions.

We picked up this dress in a thrift store a year ago. For obvious reasons, Hannah instantly fell in love with it. She wanted to wear it to a school dance but never found the perfect dance to display it in. So, in a closet it sat.

When Hurricane Harvey threatened Southern Louisiana this September the weather was unremarkable. A few storm clouds lingered around but the threat was, well, it was a threat that never built momentum other than the occasional rain squall. The school were closed for the day in anticipation of flooding. And Hannah and I sat at home, bored.

That’s when inspiration struck and the below portrait was created.

Rather than focus on hair and makeup, I encouraged Hannah to wear to a nude face. She has beautiful skin and bright blue eyes that I wanted to capture without the effects of makeup. But I also wanted more. I wanted our viewers to believe what they were seeing. I wanted a story. I wanted the imagery to compliment the moodiness of the day. So I grabbed a water bottle and doused her hair.

With dress in hand, wet hair, an intense stare and rain clouds on the horizon, a masterpiece was created. Enjoy.